Compositional game theory bibliography

Theory of open games

  • Towards compositional game theory – Jules Hedges. PhD thesis, Queen Mary University of London, 2016. [pdf, errata]
  • Coherence for lenses and open games – Jules Hedges. Preprint, 2017. [arXiv]
  • Compositional game theory – Neil Ghani, Jules Hedges, Viktor Winschel and Philipp Zahn. In Proceedings of Logic in Computer Science (LiCS) 2018ACM, 2018. [link, arXiv]
  • A compositional treatment of iterated open games – Neil Ghani, Clemens Kupke, Alasdair Lambert and Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg. In An observant mind: Essays dedicated to Don Sannella on the occasion of his 60th birthday, Theoretical Computer Science 741:48-57, 2018. [link, arXiv]
  • Morphisms of open games – Jules Hedges. In Proceedings of Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics (MFPS) 2018. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 341:151–177, 2018. [link, arXiv]
  • The game semantics of game theory – Jules Hedges. Preprint, 2019. [arXiv]

Applications of open games

  • Compositionality and string diagrams for game theory – Jules Hedges, Evguenia Sprits, Viktor Winschel and Philipp Zahn. Technical report, 2016. [arXiv]
  • Towards functorial language-games – Jules Hedges and Martha Lewis. In Proceedings of Compositional Approaches for Physics, NLP and Social Sciences (CAPNS) 2018. Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 283:89–102, 2018. [link]
  • From open learners to open games – Jules Hedges. Technical report, 2019. [arXiv]

Selection functions

  • Sequential games and optimal strategies – Martín Escardó and Paulo Oliva. In Proceedings of the Royal Society A 467(2130), 2011. [link, pdf]
  • Computing Nash equilibria of unbounded games – Martín Escardó and Paulo Oliva. In Turing-100. The Turing Centenary. EPiC Series in Computing 10:53-65, 2012. [link, pdf]
  • Selection equilibria of higher-order games – Jules Hedges, Paulo Oliva, Evguenia Sprits, Viktor Winschel and Philipp Zahn. In Proceedings of Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL) 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10137:136-151, 2017. [link, pdf]
  • Sequential games and nondeterministic selection functions – Joe Bolt, Jules Hedges and Philipp Zahn. Preprint, 2018. [arXiv]

Coalgebraic game theory

  • Coalgebraic analysis of subgame-perfect equilibria in infinite games without discounting – Samson Abramsky and Viktor Winschel. In Mathematical Structures in Computer Science 27, Computing with Lambda-terms. A Special Issue Dedicated to Corrado Böhm for his 90th Birthday, 751-761, 2017. [link, arXiv]
  • A compositional coalgebraic semantics of strategic games – Achim Blumensath and Viktor Winschel. Technical report, 2017. [arXiv]
  • Long-term values in Markov decision processes, (co)algebraically – Frank Feys, Helle Hvid Hansen and Lawrence Moss. In Proceedings of Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science (CMCS) 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11102:78-99, 2018. [link, pdf]

Other compositional game theory

  • A semantical approach to equilibria and rationality – Dusko Pavlovic. In Proceedings of Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science (CALCO) 2009. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5728:317-334, 2009. [arXiv]
  • From winning strategy to Nash equilibrium – Stéphane le Roux. In Mathematical Logic Quarterly 60(4-5):354-371, 2014. [link, arXiv]
  • Equilibria of concurrent games on event structures – Julian Gutierrez and Michael Wooldridge. In Proceedings of Logic in Computer Science (LiCS) 2014. ACM, 2014. [link, pdf]

Theory related to open games

  • Backprop as functor: A compositional perspective on supervised learning – Brendan Fong, David Spivak and Rémy Tuyéras. Preprint, 2017. [arXiv]
  • Categories of optics – Mitchell Riley. Technical report, 2018. [arXiv]