In autumn term 2019 I am teaching Introduction to game theory at the MPI-MIS. Lectures will be on Tuesdays at 11.15–12.45 in room A3 03, and will be held in English.

For lectures 2–8 I will mostly be following the book Essentials of game theory: A concise, multidisciplinary introduction by Kevin Leyton-Brown and Yoav Shoham. Other books I will sometimes follow are:

  • Maschler, Solan and Zamir — Game theory
  • Mas-Colell, Whinston and Green — Microeconomic theory
  • Krebs — Game theory and economic modelling

For each of these books except for Mascher-Solan-Zamir, a full pdf can be found by Google search. Additionally, the internet contains more “Introduction to game theory” lecture notes and slides than anybody would ever need.

Here is the planned list of lectures, with links to my (handwritten) lecture notes:

  1. (15/10) (Expected) utility theory
  2. (22/10) Normal form and Nash equilibrium
  3. (29/10) Other solution concepts for normal form
  4. (05/11) Extensive form and subgame perfection
  5. (12/11) Imperfect information
  6. (19/11) No lecture
  7. (26/11) Repeated games
  8. (03/12) Bayesian games

Of these, lectures 2–5 constitute the “core” of game theory. The other lectures should be mainly independent.

I plan to post (hand-written) lecture notes on this page as the course progresses.

After lecture 8 there will be a 4 week break, after which there are potentially 5 more lectures. Participants in the course will have some say in what happens next. Some options are:

  • Nothing
  • Differential games
  • Algorithmic game theory
  • Seminars on compositional game theory, the topic of my research (which I would give assuming no prior knowledge of category theory)