Project C

Project C is positivistpunk, the sound of an alternative history in which the Vienna Circle were a collective of techno DJs. It wants to break down the distinction between audiences who think but can’t dance, and audiences who dance but can’t think. It reflects my belief that contemporary classical music, driven by market demand and the fashions of post-minimalism, fails to adequately reflect its social context. (This is a technical way of saying that it’s not angsty enough.)

Project C is also a branding for my music that will follow me as I chase the academic life around the world. I want to collaborate with everybody, on every instrument and in every genre. That means you. Get in contact!

I also spam (mostly piano) improvisations at the internet as Blog Without Words, and my old band Air to Air have a demo here.

This is the first of two autobiographical improvisations related to the themes of grief and windows. The First Day I Waited was recorded on 9th December 2016 and records the events of 5 years previously, to the hour (part of a long autobiographical series based on this idea). I was looking through my kitchen window up Juxon Street and waiting, not knowing that my life would change the next morning. As an improvisation it is rather too long, but I am very happy with how I made the piano sing.

This is the second of two autobiographical improvisations related to the themes of grief and windows. The Window records the experience of finally confronting my past, walking down the Jericho canal in February 2017, from where I could see through the opposite window of my old flat. It is probably the best improvisation I have ever played.

This is a track by my old band, Air to Air. The guitar is actually a VST synthesizer, but we can’t remember which one.

Another track by my old band, Air to Air. We set out to create a track that sounded like Pendulum and, well, we succeeded. This is probably the only drum & bass track I will ever post. It doesn’t fit the style of Project C, but is too good to not include.

This is a forgotten gem from my oldest recorded improvisations. The original name and inspiration have been lost, but it sounds like music of healing so I have post-dedicated it to Saulė Špokaitė.