PhD position at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Update: This position has now been filled

This is an update to my previous posting, refer to that post for most of the details.

I am reopening applications for one of these positions (the other is filled). This time there will be no deadline, instead I will keep applications open indefinitely, and then edit this post when it’s filled.

There is also a little more clarity for the funding situation for students from the EU. We believe that if you are an EU citizen then you continue to be eligible for home fees status in the UK if you are registered before a particular deadline in July, when the “funding year” changes. This is a sort of loophole and we can’t be 100% certain that it works until we try it, but we think it will work.

Therefore I encourage you to apply if you are from the EU, if you are able to start by June – and the earlier the better, to be on the safe side. There is still a pandemic on, so a remote start is completely fine.

(To be clear, if you are from outside of the EU/EEA/etc then this position is definitely not fully funded for you, but I’m also happy to talk if you have an idea for a possible funding source.)

To repeat the most important line from the other page, to apply email me a CV at, and also email me if you have questions – I’m happy to arrange to talk by Zoom.

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